©2018 „Dimples“ Fashionistas

E2018 a new female Fashionistas face was patented. The first doll with this face was the Fashionistas #126 who appeared with the second production series in 2019. The new facemold has sweet, pronounced dimples and a closed mouth.

Headmark: © 2018 Mattel

DIn der zweiten Fashionistas Produktionsreihe 2019 wurde mit der Fashionistas 126 (FXL59) ein neue Facemold vorgestellt. Das Gesicht der Neuen hat süße, ausgeprägte Grübchen (Engl. Dimples) und einen geschlossenen Mund. Mangels eines offiziellen Namens haben wir sie erstmal nach diesem besonderen Merkmal benannt.

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6 thoughts on “©2018 „Dimples“ Fashionistas

    1. We got a picture – taken in the store, with smartphone and through the package, but at the moment better than no picture 🙂

  1. Hallo zusammen!

    This face mold is „Samantha“ – she was created for the one-of-a-kind (2 were actually made, I think) promotional doll of ESA astronaut Samantha Christoforetti. I’m studying to be an astronaut, inspired by the 1980s Astronaut Barbie, and when Sam’s face started showing up on playline dolls I was over the moon! I currently have 2… one that I left the red hair on to stand in for my ginger friend who also always has her eyes on the stars, and one that got a wig and will get a faceup to look just like Sam.

    Earlier this month (March 2021) Mattel also made a special doll for Roscosmos cosmonaut Anna Kikina. I’m hoping we’ll see her face show up on playline dolls soon as well.

    Can’t wait to see what Smyth’s will have once everything can reopen this summer.

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