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EResearch in our Barbie Picture Database. By entering your search term (Barbie Name, Year, product number…) you will get pictures of the dolls matching your terms. If no results try to change the terms.


DBarbie Suche in unserer Bilderdatenbank. Du kannst nach Barbienamen, Jahr oder Produktnummer suchen und bekommst alle Fotos angezeigt, die deinen Suchvorgaben entsprechen. Falls kein Ergebnis angezeigt wird, versuch den Begriff zu ändern. Es kann natürlich auch sein, dass von der Barbie noch kein Foto existiert 😉

If you like to help us to complete the database with missing or better pictures, you can upload your pic on: and give us the link via comment. We can only add pics under the permission, that you are the rights holder of the picture 🙂


10 thoughts on “Barbie Picture Database

  1. Hello!

    Can you please help me identify which Barbie I have here? The body mold is marked 1966 from Taiwan. The legs click into three different positions. The arms move up and down as well as front to back. She has the pink, pursed, kissing lips, but is not a Kissing Barbie because there is no button on her back. Her eyes are blue with blue eyeshadow, and painted black lashes. She is looking forward. Her blonde hair is pulled up in a ponytail/bun. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere without luck. Any ideas?

    Thank you,

  2. Hello. I have found this incredible work you’ve done creating this well thought catalogue of Barbies periodized according the molde. ¡It Is amazing! Congratulations.

    I have yet to leave a comment about three Barbies I could not find:

    -Mattel J1381 Maroon Velvet Crop Jacket Barbie Fashion Fever Doll 2006. This seems to be a Leah face mold.

    -SuperGymnast Barbie 1995. Super Barbie Mold.

    -Teresa Fruit Fantasy Peach Sorbet. Seems to be Mackie Face mold.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Joasil,
      thanx for your nice feedback and the information about the missing Barbies. There will certainly be hundreds more we have no pictures of. If you can take a picture of your dolls, to complete the fashiondollz catalogue, it would be fantastic 🙂
      greetings Dagmar

  3. Good Morning,
    I have a Barbie that I can’t identify.
    On the body it indicates that it is from 1966 made in China
    Behind the head is Mattel INC. 1998
    The arms are bent at an angle of 90º
    The waist is mobile and the abdomen is white.
    I have seen in a previous query that you can send a photo, so I am sending it to you in case you can help me identify it.
    Thank you

    1. Hello,

      I am wondering if you know which facemold Barbie Extra #1 uses? I can’t find that you have a link to an existing one.


  4. I found my answer on the Barbie Extra #1. It’s the Curvy Fashionista. Her face just looks thinner with all that hair, so I didn’t recognize it. Thanks.

  5. I own a Chicago cub Barbie doll still in the box with
    With the writing on the box written backwards
    Looking to see what it’s worth

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