©1987 Skipper Teen Sweetheart

E1987 brought us a new face for Skipper and the „time of her life“ could begin. The face was used for lots of Skippers. And she got a new girlfriend (Courtney) who shared the face with her. Furthermore it was the time Mattel issued a black Skipper!

The face has huge eyes that some collectors call cute and the others horrible. There was also a change of material in the hair. Skippers hair was in this time very full, often curly and often frizzy.

Headmark: © MATTEL INC 1987

D1987 bekam Skipper wieder ein neues Gesicht, das erstmalig auch für eine dunkelhäutige Skipper-Version verwendet wurde. Außerdem gab es mit der dunkelhaarigen Courtney eine neue Freundin für Skipper, die ebenfalls das gleiche Gesicht hat. Zahlreiche Editionen wurden mit allen Dreien produziert.

Eine Besonderheit dieser Skipper-Generation und ihrer Freunde sind riesengroße Kulleraugen, die einige Sammler „süß“ und andere schrecklich finden. Außerdem gab es einen Materialwechsel bei den Haaren. Skipper hat in dieser Zeit sehr volles Haar, häufig sehr lockig und leider auch schnell frizzy.

Further Dolls with this mold (no pictures so far)…
1993 Tinkerbell


6 thoughts on “©1987 Skipper Teen Sweetheart

  1. Hi! I LOVE your page!
    I just noticed you were missing cheerleading courtney
    #3933 1992.

    Thought id let you know 🙂

    Thank you for this great reference!

    1. Hello Laura, unfortunately our overviews are far from complete. We depend on picture donations and no one can collect all the Barbies alone. For copyright reasons, we are not allowed to use Mattel promo pictures. If you have a picture of her that we can use that would be great. You are welcome to send that to us. 🙂 Best regards Tanja

  2. Hello! it miss the Tinkerbell of 1993 with this facemold. I found the head and it cost me recognize her, but I did it! I hope you put her in the list. I really love your site, is very helpfull for collectors. Greetings from Chile!

    1. Thanks Alica,
      how great to hear, that fashiondollz has it fans in South America 🙂 Saludos desde Chile 🙂
      We haven’t got a picture of Tinkerbell but if you have a picture for the gallery, we would be happy 🙂

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