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Just a short introducion…

Fashiondollz is managed by only two people with regular jobs and private life – Dagmar and Tanja. The identifcation expert of us is Tanja. We don’t earn money with this project, even the provider costs are barely covered by the ebay and amazon shoppinglinks.

So please understand, that we can’t identify tons of dirty uncombed barbies from the loft find or the last fleamarket. But we try to help in exceptional cases if your are at near the edge of desperation 🙂


But first – try identify your Barbie / Ken by yourself

Step One:
The newer Barbies (since ca. 2015) have a 5 digit productnumber on their backside, written with silver or golden letters. Use our picture database and search for that number. If no results, we probably have no picture of that doll so far. Try ebay or google…

If you got an older doll, check the patent year in the neck of your doll. Use our Headmold overview to find facemolds with that patented year. That brings you to the gallery with Dolls that were produced with this facemold. Have a look if you can find your doll in the gallery.

You still have no idea, who she is?

Step Two:
If you use facebook, there’s a special group for Barbie Identifications. There are hundreds of Barbie collectors, so this group brings you probably to fast results – even we ask there, if we have no ideas.

An other possibility is to apply your doll pic in our ID Gallery.
Comb your doll and give her a good look! take a picture of her, upload your pic on: and give us the link via comment (down below). We can only add pics under the permission, that you are the rights holder of the picture. Your picture will be added to the ID gallery but it will probably take some time, until we or other friendly users can identify her. So check the comments, if the ID was successful.


We like to help you, so please help us…
Just use our links to ebay or amazon for your next shopping on this pages. It costs you nothing, but it helps us a lot 🙂


Barbies to identify

If you can help, please comment the pictures 🙂




11 thoughts on “Barbie Identification – ID Help

  1. Hey! I was hoping if you can identify this barbie (I don’t have a picture, sorry). I found her a few years ago. Her hair was really frizzy and she didn’t have any clothes. Her hair is blond and I think it’s curly. She may have had bangs as well. Her eyebrows are highly arched. Her eyes are blue and rounder than the ones of the dolls in your photo database. She has elf ears that don’t stick out. Her lips are a dark pink color (kind of dulled down) and she is smiling. She does not have eyeshadow. Her feet are raised up (so she can wear high heels, I assume) and there is a pink leotard and greenish yellow tights attached to her body (basically painted on). The mark on her backside says:
    © Disney © 2011 JAKKS
    Made in China
    If anyone can identify her, reply to this comment. Thanks!

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