Missing pictures of Barbie, Ken & Co.


Dir gefällt fashiondollz und du möchtest uns helfen, die Bilderdatenbank mit fehlenden (oder besseren) Barbie-Fotos zu ergänzen? Gerne doch! Wir sind sehr glücklich und dankbar für jede Bilderspende und Information 🙂

Am einfachsten kannst du dein(e) Bild(er) über Wetransfer, deine Dropbox / Google-Laufwerk oder über einen Bilder-Hosting-Dienst wie postimages.org hochladen. Du gibst uns dann einfach via Kommentar den Link und wir laden die Bilder runter. Der Kommentar bleibt auf Wunsch unveröffentlicht, der Link wird gleich nach dem Download gelöscht. Falls dir das unsicher erscheint, findest du Dagmars E-Mail im Impressum 🙂

Wichtig: Wir können nur Bilder hinzufügen, wenn due der Rechteinhaber des Bildes bist. Wenn möglich, die Bilder bitte in hoher/voller Auflösung schicken.

If you like fashiondollz and you would like to help us filling the fashiondollz image database with missing (or better) Barbie photos – you’re very welcome. We are very happy and grateful for any help!

The easiest way to transfer your picture(s) is to use Wetransfer, your Dropbox / Google drive or picture hosting services like postimages.org and to send us the link by comment. We will not publish your comment and delete it after the picture is downloaded  🙂
If this seems unsure to you, you will find Dagmar’s email in the imprint 🙂

Important: We can only add images if you are the copyright holder of the image. If possible, send the picture (s) in high / full resolution. By sending the image to us, you declare, that the picture is yours and we can use it for free in the fashiondollz galleries. 🙂

Our Picture Database contains more than 21.000 pictures so far. Most of the pictures are taken by Dagmar, Tanja and martinaa. We take pictures of our own dolls, on Barbie conventions or of our friends collections. To get this huge databas feels like it took thousands of hours and we don’t talk about money we spend buying dolls, just to document them, traveling to the conventions or visiting friends all over the country. Please respect our work, our copyright on the pictures and the intellectual property – don’t copy our pictures or content without asking. We don’t like surprises like discovering our work on pirate facebook pages, Instagram, homepages etc. 🙁

List of missing pictures

Of course the lists is incomplete, there are many more dolls missing- The List will be regularly continued – so come back again, if you like to help – or leave a comment about missing dolls you could search out 🙂

Vintage Barbie / Ken Giftsets:
Barbie and Ken Tennis Set,
Barbie and Ken Mix n‘ Match Set,
Fashion Queen Barbie Gift Set (Barbie, Ken & Midge),
Fashion Queen Barbie & Ken Trousseau,
On Parade Gift Set,
Barbie & Ken Little Theatre,
Barbie, Ken and Midge Pep Rally Set,
Wedding Party Gift Set
2000 Lingerie Barbie #1
1997 Festive Season Barbie #18909
2003 1 Modern Circle Barbie (Wave Two)
2003 Ballet Star Christie #G3270
Chair Flair Christie, 2002, Asha Face
Dream Glow Teresa, 2001, Teresa Face
2013 I can be… Skier Barbie #Y7376
Barbie For President
1991 Superstar Face AA, 1993 Christie Face
2004 CEO Face AA, 2004 Asha Face brunette, 2004 Teresa Face AA, 2008 Asha Face brunette, 2008 Lea Face
Jazzie – missing or better pictures
1988 Jazzie Teen Looks Workout #3633
1991 Hawaiian Fun Jazzie #9294
1991 Sun Lovin‘ Jazzie #4088
1988 Highschool Dude #3637
Fashion Fever
Girls aloud – Nadine, Kimberely, Sarah and Nicola
So in Style
2010 Rocawear Wave 2 Trichelle
2010 Pastry Wave 1 Trichelle
2011 Love 2 Shop – Trichelle & Chandra (Trichelle)
Birthstone Barbie Collection
2003 January – Garnet AA
2003 February – Amethyst, caucasian + AA
2003 March – Aquamarine AA
2003 April – Diamond, caucasian + AA
2003 May – Emerald AA
2003 July – Ruby AA
2003 August – Peridot AA
2003 December – Turquoise AA
2004 November – Topas
Zodiac Barbie Collection
Aquarius (Wassermann) AA
Cancer (Krebs) AA
Libra (Waage), caucasian + AA
Pisces (Fische) AA
Leo (Löwe) AA
Capricorn (Steinbock) AA
Virgo (Jungfrau) AA
Sagittarius (Schütze), caucasian + AA
2016 Barbie #35
2017 Barbie #58
Vintage Ken:
Bendable Ken 1020
Dressed Box Ken Dolls:
Dressed Box Ken Arabian Nights #0774
Campus Hero #770
Dressed Box Ken Casuals #782
Dr. Ken #793
Fraternity Meeting #1408
Holiday #1414
Dressed Box Ken King Arthur #0773
Dressed Box Ken Prince #0772
Dressed Box Sailor #796
Ski Champion #798
Dressed Box Ken Time for Tennis #790
Dressed Box Ken Touchdown #799
Dressed Box Ken in Holland #0777
Dressed Box Ken in Mexico #0778
Ken in Switzerland #0776
Ken 1968 Face Taiwan
Live Action Ken on Stage
The Sun Set Malibu Ken
Busy Ken (E),
Talking Busy Ken
Gold Medal Ken Swimmer (G)
Hawaiian Ken 1978
Barbie et Ken Gift Set (F)
Ken with 2005 Face
Ken Styled by Gareth Pugh
Convention Dolls:
1961 Ken AA Version
1996-1997 Glinda
2000 (Porcelain) Dorothy, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, winged Monkey
2007 Dorothy + Glinda
2009 Dorothy, Ginda, Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow
2010 Elly May, Beverly Hillbillies
Olsen Twins
Travel in Style
Scents of Style
Holiday in the sun
On the red Carpet
Winning London
2002 Samantha – Bewitched
2004 Catwoman
Betty Rubble (Set with Wilma Flintstone)2005 Mary Poppins CEO Face2007 Rebelde
2008 RebeldeGirls aloud – all 52020 Los Polinesios – all 42019 Chloe Kim
I Love Lucy
2007 Ethel Christmas Show
2009 Lucy at the Ballet
2011 Lucy + Ricardo 60 Anniverary
2010 Wizard of Oz Dorothy
2010 Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch
2011 I Dream of Jeannie Barbie (same collection as Samantha from Bewitched)