©1996 Ken Harley Face

EThe Harley Ken presented 1996 a new facemold, that was named after him. The face has deep dimples around the mouth. But his smile is molded a bit too much, which makes him look a bit naive.

The Happy Family Grandpa and Merlin use the same facemold, but probably with a modification. Their headmark is: TM/© 1996/1999 MATTEL, INC.

Headmark: TM/© 1996 MATTEL, INC

2001 40th Anniversary Ken #50722 (2)

DDer Harley Davidsson Ken Kopf von 1996 hat um den Mund tiefe Grübchen, die dem Gesicht etwas Verschmitztes verleihen.

Zauberer Merlin und der Happy Family Grandpa haben das gleiche Facemold, vermutlich jedoch mit einer kleinen Modifikation, denn die Kopfmarkierung lautet: TM/© 1996/1999 MATTEL, INC.


4 thoughts on “©1996 Ken Harley Face

  1. Hey, great and helpful catalogue/archive of head molds! But I was really shocked to see the use of an ableist slur in this ones description, it would probably be for the best to change the word so it won’t be hurtful?

    1. Thanks Toyryla, this is an very old post, of the early days. We used a translater for the criticized word and it looks like, we got not the best suggestion. I changed it 🙂

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