©1997 Ken rooted hair

E Kens © 1997 facemold is nearly identical with the rooted sculpt from 1990 (inclusive the ugly Kens). It got some modifications and the head fastening is new.

Headmark: © 1997 Mattel Inc.

DDer Ken Kopf mit der Markierung von 1997 unterscheidet sich nur in der Kopfverankerung vom Vorgänger von 1990.



1 thought on “©1997 Ken rooted hair

  1. I had a Ken doll when I was little bit I cant find him anywhere on the internet. I got him in the middle of the 90s. He had long real hair, shorts and som kind of hawaiishirt. I think it was blue with orange flowers. Is there any one out there who knows wich doll Im looking for and maybe have a pitchure of him?

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