©2008 Aphrodite, om Mackie

EIn the begining of january 2009 Mattel issued the Kentucky Derby Barbie and presented a new facemold in the collector line. Some days later the Aphrodite Barbie followed with the same face. Probably the Aphrodite Barbie got more attention, she became name giver of this facemold. Mattel uses two names for it: Aphrodite oder „Open Mouth Mackie„.

Headmark: © 2008 Mattel Inc.

DAnfang Januar 2009 kam die Kentucky Derby Barbie heraus, die als erste dieses neue Face hatte. Ein paar Tage später kam die Aphrodite Barbie auf den Markt. Mattel verwendet für dieses Face zwei Namen: Aphrodite oder auch „Open Mouth Mackie“.


5 thoughts on “©2008 Aphrodite, om Mackie

  1. Hello,
    face mold ©2008 Aphrodite :
    – Barbie Marylin Monroe Blond Ambition IS NOT Aphrodite. It is Mackie face mold (with painted teeth – Only three dolls have this anomaly – Jude Deveraux´s The Raider, Marylin Monroe Blond Ambition, Debbie Harry).
    – Barbie Holiday 2020 is missing here (in gold dress).

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