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EWith Fashionistas number #82, Mattel introduced another new Barbie Face in the first wave of 2018. The Chic in Chambray Barbie was the first Barbie with this face. She had a short, flaked hairstyle. The following dolls with the face are rooted again. The mold has a big smile, similar to the Summer Facemold. For some years nobody knew the name of this headmold, so it was called after the dolls fashion „Chic in Chambray“. But in 2019 Mattel used the face for the „Inspiring Woman“ Rosa Parks Barbie. In Rosas description Mattel calls her facial sculpt FNJ40 / Alec. So now we’ve got Alec.

Headmark: © 2016 Mattel

DMit der Fashionistas Nummer 82 wurde in der ersten Wave 2018 ein neues Barbie Face eingeführt. Die Chic in Chambray Barbie mit einer geflockten Kurzhaarfrisur war die erste Barbie mit diesem Gesicht. Die nachfolgenden Barbies mit diesem Face sind wieder normal gerooted. Das Gesicht hat ein breites Lächeln, ähnlich dem Summer Facemold. Weil Mattel ja den Puppen keine Namen mehr gibt, wurde das Facemold mehrere Jahre lang „Chic in Chambray“ genannt. 2019 dann kam endlich der Name raus. Mattel hat das Facemold für die Rosa Parks (Inspiring Woman) Barbie verwendet, in deren Beschreibung steht Facial sculpt: FNJ40 / Alec. Also haben wir jetzt eine Alec.


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  1. Wow! I’m trying to decide on a “mini me” doll and I’ve been circling the yoga Barbie. I can’t believe how different this sculpt can become with color and paint!! It’s also extremely interesting to hear the history of a face sculpt, that it debuted before the Rosa Parks doll, but was used for her.

    Actually, is it possible that they released dolls with the Alec sculpt before they finished everything about the Rosa Parks doll? But that the sculpt actually was undertaken in order to produce Rosa Parks? Fun to ponder. And I never would have known without this amazing site! Thank you.

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, the background of Mattel’s planning is not known. The Alec face came out 2 years before Rosa Parks, so maybe they decided later to give her the face because of her similarity. Thank you for your compliment! 🙂

  2. Hello, you have 2022 Barbie Extra Deluxe #HGR60 as a 2016 Alec Facemold, but I believe it’s Fashionistas Barbie #182 with the production number HBV16. Thank you.

  3. Hello,

    I too believe the Barbie extra deluxe 2022 has the #182 face mold.It is stamped 2020 in the neck.

    Thank you for this wonderfull site.

    1. Hello Ellie, thank you for the information. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to take a photo of her yet. We only use our own photos or with permission of the copyrightholder. 🙂 Regards Tanja

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