©2017 Selma DuPar James Face

EThe Selma Facemold was introduced by Mattel in 2018 with the AA Convention Doll „Selma DuPar James“ as a new face in the Barbie Collector Harlem Theater Collection series.

Headmark: © 2017 Mattel

DDas Selma Facemold wurde von Mattel 2018 mit der AA Convention Doll „Selma DuPar James“ als neues Gesicht in der Barbie Collector Reihe Harlem Theatre Collection vorgestellt.



3 thoughts on “©2017 Selma DuPar James Face

    1. Hi Edmon,
      thanks for your comment. Yes you’re right, we are missing her – haven’t got a picture of her so far 🙂
      regards Dagmar

    2. Hello Edmond, it’s great that you like our site so much. Thank you very much for the compliment! Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of the ‚On the Avenue‘ Barbie yet. Because of the copyright we are dependent on picture donations. We are not allowed to use promotional pictures. If you have the doll, we would be very happy to receive a photo of her from you. Best regards Tanja

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