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EThree years after her last relaunch Barbie got a face update. The new Barbie Millie facemold gives her a younger, very friendly look. Complementary to the playline facemold Mattel launched the following year the „Millie Collector Size“ head, which is a bit smaler than the playline head.

Headmark: © 2013 Mattel

DEs wurde schon eine Weile gemunkelt, dass Barbie ab 2015 ein neues Gesicht bekommen soll. Tatsächlich gab es die ersten Barbies mit dem neuen Facemold schon im Weihnachtsgeschäft 2014. Gegenüber dem 2011er Fashionista Facemold mit geschlossenem Mund, wirkt das neue Barbie Millie facemold verjüngt. In der The Looks Reihe von Ende 2015, wurde dieses Facemold für die Urban Jungle Barbie verwendet und damit erstmals auch für eine Collector Doll. Das Facial Sculpt dieser Barbie heißt laut Mattel „Millie (Collector Size)“.


9 thoughts on “©2013 Millie open mouth

    1. Yes Ketie ist right. She has the 2014 Neysa Headmold. She has the typical Neysa nose etc. Please look here under the Neysa overview.

  1. I own 181, it is a Millie open mouth. 168 i have looked at in store many times, i believe it is a 2014 Neysa Face playline. Also, my pretty flowers barbie from 1999 is a midge head stamped 1985 not a ceo generation like you have it listed as. Just fyi.

    1. Hello Ketie, yes Neysa is right. She is already in our Neysa overview. The three Pretty Flowers Barbies have all the generation girl headmold. 1985 Diva / Midge mold has a closed mouth and a different nose. You could send us pictures so we can help you to find the right ID of your doll. Best regards Tanja

  2. Hello, I recently got this doll at a garage sale(2020 Rainbow Dreamtopia Gift set Mermaid.) I’m pretty certain she’s a 2013 Millie opened mouth face but didn’t see her on the site so I took some photos in case they are of any use to you.

    Thank you for running this wonderful site, it’s helped me ID many of my garage sale and thrift finds!

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