©1979 Starr Springfield High

EStarr is „the girl with everything“ and the center in the Starr series, a beside line that Mattel issued in the end of the seventies (Boxdate 1979). Starr is a blonde Teenie-Doll at Springfield High. She has two girlfriends – Kelley and Tracy and a Boyfriend who is called Shaun. Starr was presented with a new facemold, that was only used once for Starr. The girls and Shawn got even a new schmaler body, the was only used for the Starrs The series was finished after one edition.

Headmark: © Mattel Inc. 1979

DStarr ist „the girl with everything“ und der Mittelpunkt in der gleichnamigen Starr Reihe von Mattel (Boxdate 1979). Starr ist eine blonde Teenie-Doll an der Springfield High. Sie hat einen Boyfriend namens Shaun und zwei Freundinnen – Kelley und Tracy.