©1991 Bob Mackie Facemold

EThe Bob Mackie headmold with closed mouth was the first face specially designed for Barbies in the Collector-Edition. The Neptune Fantasy Barbie, designed by Bob Mackie was the first doll with this face. So it was named after Bob Mackie. The face was mainly used in the collector edition, but even for some nice playline Barbies. A modified version of this facemold (different material) is the Sleeping Beauty Barbie with sleep eyes. After 22 Years Mattel issued a new Barbie Collector face in cooperation with the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (Karl face).

Headmark: © 1991 MATTEL INC

DDas Bob Mackie Headmold war das erste Face, dass speciell für hochpreisigere Barbies der Collector-Edition entwickelt wurde. Die erste Barbie mit diesem neuen Gesicht war die Neptune Fantasy Barbie, gestaltet von dem großartigen Fashion Designer Bob Mackie. Nach ihm wurde das feine Gesicht mit geschlossenem Mund dann benannt. Anfangs gab es nur Collector Barbies mit diesem Face, später wurde es auch gelegentlich in der Playline eingesetzt. Für die Dornröschen Barbie wurde eine modifizierte Version des Mackie Facemolds verwendet. Insgesamt 22 Jahre lang war das Bob Mackie face Barbies Gesicht in der Collector Edition. Erst 2013 gab es ein neues Barbie Collector Face – das Karl (Lagerfeld) Face.

Barbies with Mackie Face – Collector Edition
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(more than 300 pictures!)
Barbies with Mackie Face – Playline
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Identifizierung anhand der Anzahl der unteren Wimpern
Um euch das Identifizieren, der vielen Barbies mit Mackie Face zu erleichtern, haben wir die Wimpern der unteren Augenlider durchgezählt und die Puppen in entsprechenden Bildergalerien zusammengestellt. Die Idee, dieser Identifizierung stammt von einer russischen Barbieseite, die es nicht mehr gibt, bzw. auf die wir keinen Zugriff mehr haben.

Identification by the number of lower eyelashes
To make it easier for you to identify the many Barbies with Mackie Face, we counted the eyelashes on the lower eyelids and compiled the dolls into corresponding picture galleries. The idea of this identification comes from a Russian Barbie site that no longer exists or that we no longer have access to.

No Eyelashes 1 Eyelashes 2 Eyelashes 3 Eyelashes
Wimpern Mackie U0 Wimpern Mackie U1 Wimpern Mackie U2 Wimpern Mackie U3


4 Eyelashes 5 Eyelashes 6 Eyelashes 7 Eyelashes
Wimpern Mackie U4 Wimpern Mackie U5 Wimpern Mackie U6 Wimpern Mackie U7


8 Eyelashes 9 Eyelashes 10 Eyelashes 11 Eyelashes
Wimpern Mackie U8 Wimpern Mackie U9 Wimpern Mackie U10 Wimpern Mackie U11



10 thoughts on “©1991 Bob Mackie Facemold

    1. The reason is very simple, we have no picture of her 🙂 We only use own pics or of friends who allow us to use them. Seems no one has her 🙂

    2. I see, thanks a lot for your reply. I might get her next month, and if I do, can I send you some photos?

    3. Thanks Barbs, that would be great <3
      Easiest way to share, is to upload them at a picture service and give us the link 🙂

    1. Thanks Barbs <3 - for your friendly words and for your pictures, I added two of them in the gallery <3

    1. Hi Brian, unfortunately we haven’t got a photo of her yet. If you have a good photo of her, please contact us.

  1. Another image of the playline mackie fashion fever hair highlights. She is redressed, reburied, and her hair is up, but the color is more accurate in this photo than the existing photo – she is unusual in that the blue of her eyes is very warm toned. Might be good to have both images up!

  2. Several pictures of the white sterling silver rose barbie, who I am fairly certain is Mackie; first in her original outfit and hair up but with a messy background (sorry) ; then nude and re-bodied on a made to move, hair up and with a nicer background ; lastly with her hair down and redressed (not sure if this is useful to you)

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