©1995 Skipper (Teen Skipper)

EIt’s 1995 and Skipper has become a pretty teeny, she got a new (taller) body and a brandnew facemold. The first years Mattel used the face only for Skipper and her friends Nikki (aa) and Courtney. Many editions came with all three in the shops. Later the Teen Skipper face was also seen on nice Collector Barbies.

Headmark: © 1995 MATTEL INC

DDas Teen Skipper Face wurde ursprünglich für Barbies jüngere Schwester Skipper verwendet, die etwas älter geworden war und sich 1997 zu einem hübschen Teenie entwickelt hatte. Das Facemold wird aber auch für Collectible Barbies und gelegentlich für andere Dolls in der Playline verwendet.



9 thoughts on “©1995 Skipper (Teen Skipper)

  1. Hi Dagmar, Tanja and martinaa!
    I think you are missing one 2006 Fashion Fever doll with a Skipper mold – I will have her after 20th of January, and if you want to I will try to take a good picture of her and send it to you 🙂
    all the best!

  2. Hi, sorry it took so long. Here are some photos I took of FF Skipper doll – unfortunately her lips are scratched a bit. Let me know if I should take different photos or are these ok. Hope that you will chose something. All the best. Here’s thd link…

    1. Hi Anna,
      thanks a lot. I chose one of your picture and shes’s in the gallery now <3
      Tanja will bring her "name" in the right form.
      Many regards Dagmar

  3. I realized that the skipper from the “Let’s Drive“ Barbie and Skipper giftset from 2000 wasn’t up. i have 2 different pictures, one where she is in box and one where she has been played with. 🙂
    played with doll –

    1. hi Ella,

      thank you so much. Sadly the pictures are a bit too small. I mean, they are very small 😉
      Can you take a picture in higher resolution?
      love Dagmar

  4. Hi! I have the M4R1A doll from TPH Club and she has the 1993 Skipper face not the Teen Skipper one. I took a photo of her neck mark 😉
    Thank you so much for all your work!

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