©2015 Millie closed mouth

E2013 Barbie got a new facial design and appears now mainly with the Millie facemold. As the initial Millie face has an open mouth, Mattel added two years later a second Millie face with closed mouth.

Headmark: © 2015 Mattel

D2013 hatte Barbie ein neues Standardgesicht mit offenem Mund bekommen, zwei Jahre später stellte Mattel das Millie Facemold mit geschlossenem Mund vor.



2 thoughts on “©2015 Millie closed mouth

  1. You should separate Close Mouth collector and playline heads
    holiday 2012
    60th anniversary
    lea star wars
    75th anniversary
    pink collection
    these heads are more small than others dolls

  2. You’re right 🙂
    BUT there were so far not many dolls with this face, so put them all together in a gallery: but now it’s time to separate them in playline and collectors 🙂
    regards and thanx

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