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ELaVinia Barbie is the second doll in the Harlem Theatre Collection of Mattel. Like Claudette Gordon, the first doll in this series, got LaVinia her own new face, the LaVinia sculpt. Another remarkable detail is her pivotal body – the first curvy articulated body, that Mattel has produced – called the „Collector Curvy“. The second doll who got the LaVina Sculpt is one of the 2017th Holiday Barbies.  Further Barbie with this face is the 2020 Chromatic Couture Barbie (The red one). She was the convention doll of the Japan Convention and Rome Fashion Doll Convention. 

Headmark: © 2016 Mattel

DDie LaVinia Barbie ist die zweite Doll in der Harlem Theatre Collection, die Mattel 2016 herausbrachte. Wie schon die erste Doll in dieser Reihe (Claudette Gordon) hat auch die LaVinia Barbie ein eigenes Facemold bekommen, das von Mattel als LaVinia sculpt bezeichnet wird. Ein weiteres bemerkenswertes Detail ist ihr beweglicher Körper – der erste kurvige Gelenkkörper, den Mattel produziert hat – der „Collector Curvy“. Eine weitere Puppe mit diesem Gesicht ist die Chromatic Couture Barbie (rot) von 2020. Sie wurde in diesem Jahr als Convention Doll zur Japan Convention und Rome Fashion Doll Convention ausgegeben.


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  1. again great website! well done! thank you for your work and your patience in insert every doll. Here in LaVinia’s faces is missing the 2020 Chromatic Couture convention Doll (The red one). She was the 2020 convention doll of Japan Convention and Rome Fashion Doll Convention. have a nice day 🙂

    1. Thanks Chiara for your friendly words and the information about the Chromatic Couture 🙂 If you own her, we would be very happy if you can take a picture for the gallery 🙂

    1. That would be great Chiara 🙂
      easiest way to share it with us, is via google drive, dropbox or wetransfer – or use a picture hosting service (not instagram). We don’t publish your answer with the link. picture should have a high solution.

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