Barbies with Porcelain Face

Im Laufe der Barbie Geschichte hat Mattel auch verschiedene Porzellan-Barbie Serien herausgebracht. Für einige dieser Puppen wurden die klassischen Barbie-Molds, für andere wurden die Molds etwas modifiziert und einige bekamen auch individuelle Modls. Nachfolgend eine (noch) unvollständige Übersicht der Porzellan Barbies.

Over the long years of Barbie history, Mattel has also released various porcelain Barbie series. For some of these dolls Mattel used the classic Barbie molds, for others the molds were slightly modified and some also received individual molds. Below is a (still) incomplete overview of the porcelain Barbies.

1986 – 1990 The Barbie Porcelain Collection
The first (?) Barbie Porcelain Collection ran over five years and includes six porcelain dolls with different facemolds.
1986 Blue Rhapsody Barbie #1364, first in a series (SuperStar Barbie Face)
1987 Enchanted Evening 1960, second in a series (Original Barbie Face)
1988 Benefit Performance 1967 #5475, third in a series (TNT Barbie Face)
1989 Wedding Party 1959 #2641, fourth in a series (Original Barbie Face)
1989 Solo in the Spotlight 1961 #7613, fifth in a series (Original Barbie Face)
1990 Sophisticated Lady 1965 #5313, sixth in a series (Original Barbie Face)

1991 – 1992 Barbie Porcelain Treasures Collection
Mattel started 1991 a new Barbie porcelain series with three different dolls in two years. The name of this new collection is very closed to the first series. All three dolls got the original Barbie Face.
1991 Gay Parisienne 1959 #57610 – Original Barbie Face, first in a series
1991 Plantation Belle 1964 #7526 – Original Barbie Face, second in a series
1992 Silken Flame #1249 – Original Barbie Face, third in a series

1992 – 1995 The Presidential Porcelain Barbie Collection
The third porcelain series got the name presidential and includes three exclusive dolls in a limited edition. They all use the SuperStar Face.

1992 Crystal Rhapsody #1553, first in a series (?)
1993 Royal Splendor Barbie #10950, second in a series
1995 Evening Pearl Barbie  #12825, third in a series

1993 – The Gold & Silver Porcelain Barbie Set
1993 Gold Sensation Barbie #10246
1993 Silver Starlight Barbie #11305

1994 – 1996 Erté Stardust Porcelain Barbie Collection
1994 Mattel made a sidestep in the world of the Art Deco and to artist Erté. The russian-french illustrator, set designer and fashion designer dominated the world of design for most of the twentieth century. For many years his name was synonymus with a highly stylized new art form which came to be called Art Deco.

Mattel chose his theatrical costume and set designs for the musical Stardust to present two limited Porcelain Dolls clothed in ravishing gownes designed by Erté. We could takes pictures of the first Stardust doll, but couldn’t figure out, if she has marks in the neck and what they say. Mattel doesn’t gave the mold an official name (as far we know) but on the package is written:
„The dolls are wearing one of the 45 exotic gowns, that Erté designed for the musical Stardust. The dolls are hand-crafted, hand-painted and sculpted to capture the distinctively elongated look Ertè is known for.“

So we think, the Erté Barbie got her own individual mold and as it has no name, we call it Erté Mold.

1994 Erte Stardust Barbie #10993
1996 Erte Stardust Barbie #14109

1995 – 50th Anniversary Porcelain Barbie
At Barbies 50th Anniversary, Mattel issued a Porcelain Barbie with SuperStar Face.
1994 – 1996 Porcelain Wedding Flower Collection
The next porcelain series was a wedding edition. It ran over three years and brought us every year a new doll. They all have SuperStar faces.
1994 Star Lily Bride #12959, first in a series
1995 Romantic Rose Bride #14541
1996 Blushing Orchid Bride #16962

1995 – 1998 Holiday Porcelain Barbie Collection
In 1995 Mattel startet a porcelain holiday edition. It ran over four years and brought us every year a new Holiday doll. They all have SuperStar faces.
1995 Holiday Jewel Barbie #14311
1996 Holiday Caroler Barbie #15760
1997 Holiday Ball Barbie, Porcelain #18326
1998 Holiday Gift Barbie, Porcelain #20128

1997-2001 Fabergé Porcelain Barbie Collection
The new porcelain theme was the russian goldsmith and jeweler (Peter Carl) Fabergé. The Fabergé Barbie series includes 3 dolls with Mackie Face. They all (?) have a little Fabergé egg in the set.

1997 Fabergé Imperial Elegance Barbie #15000
2000 Fabergé Imperial Splendor Barbie #27028
2001 Fabergé Imperial Grace Barbie #52738

1999 – 2000 Victorian Tea Porcelain Collection
In 1999 the porcelain series was inspired by the british tea ceremonies and Ladys of the Victorian era. This time the series ran only over 2 years and 2 dolls.
1999 Mint Memories Barbie #20983
2000 Orange Pekoe Barbie #25507
1999 – 2001 Celebration of Dance Porcelain Collection
Limited Porcelain Edition by Bob Mackie, celebrating the Dance. We haven’t seen the nude head of the Tango Barbie, but about the Charleston Barbie we can report (thanks to Lauren who sent us the picture), that she got an modified Mackie face with a modeled hairstyle.
1999 The Tango Barbie by Bob Mackie #23451
2001 The Charleston Barbie by Bob Mackie #24252

2000 -2001 Prima Ballerina Porcelain Collection
The Ballerinas Collection is inspired by the Art of Edgar Degas. The french painter and sculptor (1834-1917) was specialized in a few image themes, which he always varied. One of Degas‘ great themes was the dancer. He created well over 200 works on the subject of ballet.
2000 Lighter than Air #29905
2001 Classic Grace #53981

1992 Porcelain Ken 1962
1993 Porcelain Midge 1963
1994 Porcelain Skipper 1963




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