2023 Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell Barbie#HNY37

2023 Peter Pan & Wendy – Mattels Movie Dolls

2023 The little Mermaid – Mattels Movie Dolls

1966 – 1979 Mattels Liddle kiddles

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Barbie as Samantha from Bewitched

Barbie in „Gone with the Wind“

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2022 Tina Turner Barbie #HCB98

2022 Gloria Estefan Barbie #HCB85

2022 Madam C.J. Walker (Inspiring Women)

1972 Skipper and her Swing-A-Rounder Gym #1179

Rebelde Barbie Dolls (Mattel/Televisa)

2022 Dr. Jane Goodall (Inspiring Women)

Visiting the PM Collectibles Shop in Netherlands

2022 Laverne Cox Tribute Barbie HCB99

1995 Family Corners Playsets

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2022 Gary Oldman – HP Sirius

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Gorgeous Creatures – Animal Darlings (1980)

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2021 Monica Barbaro – Phoenix Barbie

Fashion for Francie, Casey & Twiggy – 1966-75

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2021 Color Reveal Mermaid Babies

2021 Color Reveal Babies

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Grease – Barbie as Sandy, Rizzo, Cha Cha & Frenchie

Barbie and the Wizard of Oz

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