Barbie Looks Series 1. – 3. Wave

EAfter a few years break, Mattel revived the Barbie Basics series in 2021. It’s now called Barbie Looks (with s) and the first six dolls in this collection are four female and two male models, all six with new face sculpts. The dolls are produced with made to move Body with 22 articulated joints. So „Each is ready to style, pose, photograph and post (in social media)“. Designer of the new signature collection was Bill Greening

The sale on amazon and other online shops started in the end of may 2021.
Further waves followed…
Wave 2.1 (Metallic)
Wave 2.2 (Metallic)
Wave 3: Color Block

DNach einigen Jahren Pause hat Mattel 2021 der Barbie Look Serie neues Leben eingehaucht. Die Reihe heißt jetzt Barbies Looks (mit s), die Models sind von #1 bis #6 durchnumeriert und haben alle ein neues oder modifiziertes Facemold und Made to Move Körper. Wie Mattel auf der Verpackung schreibt: „Each is ready to style, pose, photograph and post. Barbie hat also das Social Media entdeckt.

Die vier Barbies der ersten Edition entsprechen den typischen Mattel Ethnien: Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African. Die beiden Männer sind wie gewohnt (Ken & Steven) hell und dunkelhäutig – Caucasian und African.

Ende 2021 folgte eine zweite Wave (2.1) unter dem Titel „Metallic“, sie umfasste zwei weibliche und ein männliches Model. Im Juni 2022 kam die Fortsetzung des Metallic Themas  (Wave 2.2), diesmal mit drei weiblichen Models, heraus.

Wave 1: Looks Black & White
Lina – Model #1 GTD89 (Brunette)
Headmark: ©2020 MATTEL
Model No. 1 has lossy brunette waves with golden highlights. Her fashion includes a white high-waisted skirt, cropped top with mesh paneling and t-strap sandals. I I I I I I I I I I


Elle – Model #2 GTD91, Barbie AA
Headmark: ©2020 MATTEL
The brunette beauty afro hairstyles celebrating her curves in a chic black halter jumpsuit; metallic booties complete her outfit. I I I I I I I I I I


Kit – Model #3 GXB29, Petite
Headmark: ©2020 MATTEL
Hairtyle: pixie cut with shaved, flocked sides. She wears a high-waisted midi skirt with a cropped top and platform slides. I I I I I I I I I I


Jon – Model #4 GXL14, AA Ken
Headmark: ©2020 MATTEL
The dark skined Jon has braided hair, styled in a bun with shaved, flocked sides. Fashion: a mesh t-shirt, white jeans and matching high-tops.

[] I I I I I I I I I I


Sean – Model #5 GTD90, Blonde Ken
Headmark: ©2020 MATTEL
Sean has painted facial hair and a blonde pompadour with shaved, flocked sides. He is wearing a black cutoff t-shirt, black vinyl pants and white high-tops. I I I I I I I I I I


Victoria – Model #6 GXB28, Barbie Blonde tall
Headmark: ©2020 MATTEL
Model #6 is the tallest Barbie this set. She has sleek platinum blonde hair and wears a bell-sleeved white dress with shoulder cutouts and platform booties. I I I I I I I I I I


Wave 2: Looks Metallic Edition 1st. part

On 7th Dezember 2021 Mattel issued a second edition. Now with 3 Models – 2 females + 1 male. Designer was again Bill Greening and the three new Models got again their own new faces, called Tamika (Model 7), Andra (Model 8) and Cam (Model 9)


Anfang Dezember 2021 kam bereits die zweite Looks Edition heraus, wieder designed by Bill Greening. Die zweite Wave umfasst drei Dolls, zwei weibliche und ein männliches Model. Auch diese drei Models bekamen ein neues Facemold, das nach ihnen benannt wurde: Tamika (Model 7), Andra (Model 8) und Cam (Model 9)


Tamika – Model #7 HCB77, Barbie petite
Headmark: ©2021 MATTEL
Model #7 has brown skin and red / pink hair. She got the mtm petite body.


Andra – Model #8 HCB78, Barbie original
Headmark: ©2021 MATTEL
Model #8 appears with caucasian skin, white hair and pixy cut hair. She got the mtm Body in original Barbie Size.


Cam – Model #9 HCB79, Ken
Headmark: ©2021 MATTEL
Model #9 – the new Boy in town got Native American facial features with a striking chin. He wears his long black hair open.


Wave 2: Looks Metallic Edition 2st. part

On 10th June 2023 Mattel issued the second part of Bill Greens Metallic Looks. Again with three new Models and new faces, but this time only three female dolls – no male model

Am 10. Juni 2022 (offizielles Ausgabedatum) brachte Mattel drei weitere Models in der Looks Metallic Edition heraus. Wieder gibt es drei Models und drei neue Facemolds, aber diesmal nur drei weibliche Models, keine männliche Begleitung.

Simone – Model #10 HBX93, Barbie tall
Headmark: ©2021 MATTEL
Model #10 has dark brown skin and long black hair. Her new facemold was named after her: Simone. Model #10 got the mtm tall body. I I I I I I I I I I I

Heide – Model #11 HBX94, Barbie I I I I I I I I I I I

Fryda- Model #12 HBX95, Barbie curvy I I I I I I I I I I I

Wave 3: Looks Color Block
Barbie Looks 2023The Year 2023 brought us a third wave – called Color Block. The wave includes 4 female Models (#13 – #16) and two male Models (#17 + #18) plus a Member Exclusive Model Barbie (#19)
Model #13 use the Looks Victoria Face
Model #14 is using the Looks Elle Face
Model #15 got the Karl face (2013)
Model #16 with Looks Andra face and curvy body
Model #17 presents the new Asian male sculpt called Brandon
Model #18 got the Tate Face (2019) with painted beard
And finally Model #19, the Member Exclusive Barbie is produced with Lina Face. Different to the others her set includes a customizable fashion ensembles with two blouses, tailored pants, and a pencil skirt and some trendy accessories: two pair of heels, two clutches, three bracelets, and bold cat-eye sunglasses.

Model #13  HJW80
Model 13 is using the Victoria face I I I I I I I I I I I

Model #14  HJW81
Model 14 is using the Elle face I I I I I I I I I I I

Model #15  HJW82
Model 15 is using the Karl face I I I I I I I I I I I

Model #16 HJW83, Barbie curvy
Model 16 is using the Andra face I I I I I I I I I I I

Model #17  HJW84 I I I I I I I I I I I
The male Model #17 presents a new Asian face sculpt. Mattel gave him the name Brandon

Model #18  HJW85 I I I I I I I I I I I
The male Model #18 got the Tate Face


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