©1980 Oriental / Kira face

EIn the begining of the 80th Barbie got new international friends. The oriental face was first used for Barbies asian friend Miko, later for Kira (Marina in europe). Additionally it was used for South American and Arctic dolls.

Headmark: © MATTEL INC. 1980

DAnfang der 80er Jahre bekam Barbie neue internationale Freundinnen. Das Oriental Face wurde zunächst für Barbies asiatische Freundin Miko und später für Marina verwendet (in den USA hieß sie Kira). Außerdem wurde das Face für Barbies aus dem südamerikanischen und arktischen Raum verwendet.


18 thoughts on “©1980 Oriental / Kira face

  1. I have an @1980, Kira/Miko head mold, Red Hair, China, white panties-Barbie (not a re-root). I have been searching for weeks and cannot find her. Any clues? Email me and I’ll send you a photo. Thank you very much! Any info would be appreciated….Vicki

  2. For sure I will help you !
    I also have the Strawberry Barbie and Peach Teresa, and your 3 missing Fashionistas…
    (If your missing list is ok !)

    1. Hi Brian, yes you are right. Unfortunately we haven’t got a photo of her yet. If you have a good photo of her (you must be the copyrightholder) , please contact us.

  3. A few new ones to the database, a few that you already have. All photos taken by me.

    Sit In style Kira:
    Princess Kira 1999:
    Princess Kira (2000?):
    Soccer Kira:
    Picture Pockets Kira:
    Splash n Color Kira:

    1. Hi Ellis,
      thanks a lot for your Kira Fotos. They are all in the gallery now. After downloading I deleted the picture links in your post 🙂
      regards Dagmar

  4. Hello, just wanted to mention something.

    1999 Princess Kira and 2000 Princess Barbie, Asian with the pink dress are the same doll. She’s an Asian princess Barbie with the Kira face.

    The second version, 2000 Princess Kira with the blue eyes, is actually an Asian Princess Barbie with the Kira face, not the Kira character herself.

    1. Thanks Brian,
      Tanja will have an eye on the new added dolls and their correct „name“. I only used the infos I got, Tanja is our head for the „fine tuning“ 😀

  5. Hi I have an unidentified oriental doll. I found the same one on ebay.com/itm/265864235053
    It seems to be a ballerina because it has painted ballet shoes.

    1. Hi, I’m pretty sure that is a 1998 Easy to Dress Princess Barbie. The years for the Easy to Dress Kiras seem to be off by one here: the one labeled 1994 is actually from 1993, the one labeled 1998 is actually from 1997, etc. There are two Easy to Dress Kiras missing — I believe their correct years are 1994 and 1998 (the one you found) — and I recently bought both of them, so I will share photos soon!

    2. Hello Andrea, most of the time we date the dolls by the release date and that was usually one year after the production date. Example: the first Barbie was produced in 1958 and released in 1959. The first batch of newer dolls of a Barbie year often appear in the winter of the year of production. Missing photos are always very welcome. That would be great!

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