©1998 Lara / Ana Face (GG)

ELara and Ana are two of the Generation Girls, a beside line, that existed only for two years. Lara was the name giver of the facemold. Later the face was used for Drew – a new girl in the Fashion Fever series. The facemold is still in use – in the playline as well in the Collector line. But Lara and Ana and also Drew couldn’t establish themselves as Barbies friend.

Headmark: © 1998 MATTEL INC.

DBarbies Freundinnen Lara und Ana wurden im Rahmen der Generation-Girl Reihe eingenführt. Die Beiden teilen sich das facemold, wobei sich Lara als Namensgeberin durchsetzte. Wie alle anderen Generation Girls konnten sich Lara / Ana nicht als dauerhafte Freundin etablieren. Das Lara Face wurde aber später in der Fashion Fever Reihe verwendet – meist für die Fashion Fever Drew. Seit dem wird es überwiegend für Collector Barbies verwendet.



8 thoughts on “©1998 Lara / Ana Face (GG)

  1. When I got back into Barbies around 2012 I used to mistake Lara with Teen Skipper a lot! They still look quite similar to me 🙂
    But I believe that 2011 Elvis Barbie T7907 should be in „Aphrodite“ folder?
    Since I found your website, I’m here A LOT, thank you for your work!!!

    1. Hi Anna,
      thanks for your comment. How nice, that you are here a LOT – we too 🙂
      Aphrodite and Lara are sometimes really difficult to distinguish. Especially on a sideview. I think, you are right, we will check it and move her.
      thanks a lot for your assistance 😀
      regards Dagmar

  2. I can’t seem to get to the next page anymore 🙁 it doesn’t load. I tried on phone, chrome and microsoft edge. It used to work fine

  3. Hey!! This website is AMAZING, Thank you!!!

    I did notice on the Lara page there is listed 2006 Fashion Fever PJ Collection Drew, Wave R, J4177, this is actually a Teen Skipper Face. I confirmed this morning with the date stamp on her head, 1995.

    This page has been invaluable to me! I’m so grateful for all of your hard work!

    1. Hi, thank your for your compliments and the information about the Fashion Fever Drew! We are very happy that our website becomes more and more popular and can help many collectors to identify or give other informations about our hobby.
      Regards Tanja

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