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EThe first Fashionistas wave 2015 brought us this new face. There were rumors that the name might be Kassandra, but three years after its first appearance, Mattel issued a Collector doll with this face and named it Crystal. Another new face from 2014 is the Kim face. Kim and Crystal look very similar and have the same headmark. But there are differences. To make the identification easier, Sandro sent us some comparison photos and a little guide how to distinguish them.

Headmark: © 2014 MATTEL

DMit den 2015 vorgestellten Fashionistas wurde ein neues Barbiegesicht mit einer breiten Nase und geöffneten Lippen vorgestellt. Über den Namen des Headmolds wurde lange spekuliert. Laut einer Publikation bei Wikipedia sollte sie Kassandra heißen. 2018 gab Mattel den offiziellen Namen bekannt: In der Beschreibung der 2018 Barbie Styled by Marni Senofonte AA – #FJH75 steht Facial sculpt: Crystal. Ein zweites neues Face von 2014 ist das Kim Fashionistas Face. Es sieht Crystal ziemlich ähnlich und hat die identische Markierung, aber die beiden unterscheiden sich in vielen Punkten. Vor allen bei den Ohren. Wie man sie besser auseinander halten kann, dazu hat uns Sandro eine Anleitung geschickt…


How to distinguish Crystal and Kim…

While Crystal’s mouth is most of the time painted in accordance with the mold – which IS smiling, Kim’s mouth is often also painted more like smiling – in contradiction with the mold – which is not quite smiling. The Crystal MOLD has a slight smile, the corners of her mouth are slightly upturned, dynamic, showing more of her teeth, she seems to be about to say something.


3 thoughts on “©2014 Crystal Face (Fashionistas)

  1. Studying heads and noticed an error. I have the Barbie Extra #4. She’s a 2014 Kim. She shouldn’t be on the Crystal page. I compared her to several other heads I own that you listed on both pages. Extra #4, GRN30, is a Kim. Her ears were the biggest tell for me. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Debbie,
      she has moved 🙂 We didn’t get her into fingers and Kim and Crystal are really hard to identify just on a picture 🙂

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