©2015 Olivia / Pizzazz Face DMF32

EThe Barbie evolution brought us Fashionistas with new bodies and even new face sculpts. Unfortunately Mattel is very reserved with informations about the newer Barbie Facemolds. The first doll with this head was the Fashionistas #30 – White & Pink Pizzazz – The first Tall Barbie. The name for this 2015 patented face mold is officially the production number „DMF32“. Some collectors call it Pizzazz and even the name „Smiley“ was going around.

2018 Mattel presented a Barbie Styling head with a big version“ of the DMF32 mold (Barbie Color and Crimp Styling Head-Olivia). So this could be the key clue, that the face name is Olivia. Thanks to Raphael, who sent us the information about Olivia 🙂

On 10th june 2022 we got the official confirmation that the face name is Olivia. Mattel presented the new Holiday Dolls 2022 and one of the four Barbies (#HCC05) has this face sculp – called Olivia

Headmark: © 2015 Mattel

DNachdem Mattel keine Namen sondern nur noch Nummern für die verschiedenen Fashionistas Barbies vergibt, ist es etwas schwierig geworden, die neuen Headmolds zu benennen. Die erste im Handel erhältliche Barbie mit diesem neuen Gesicht war die 2016er Fashionista Nummer 30 – White & Pink Pizzazz #DMF32 – eine Tall Barbie. Der offizielle Facemold Name ist vermutlich DMF32, aber in Sammlerkreisen wird auch der Name Pizzazz oder „Smiley„-Face verwendet.

2018 kam ein neuer Barbie Frisierkopf in den Handel, für den Mattel dieses Facemold in vergrößerter Ausführung verwendete. Der Kopf wurde als Barbie Color and Crimp Styling Head-Olivia verkauft. Es könnte also sein, dass Mattel das Facemold inzwischen auf den Namen Olivia getauft hat. Wir haben den Namen deshalb aufgenommen. Vielen Dank an Raphael, der uns die Olivia Infos geschickt hat 🙂

Am 22. Juni 2022 gab es die offizielle Bestätigung für Olivia. Mattel präsentierte die vier neuen Holiyday Barbies 2022 und die Barbie mit Stocknummer #HCC05 hat dieses Mold, von Mattel als Olivia bezeichnet.


11 thoughts on “©2015 Olivia / Pizzazz Face DMF32

  1. Hi yioturtle,
    you missed to tell us, if the picture is taken by your self or if you found it somewhere in the internet. We can only publish pictures, when we have the right to publish or the permission of the rightowner 🙂
    waiting for your response 🙂

    Many regards Dagmar

  2. Hey Dagmar, how are you?

    I once sent you a message but never got a response. As we don’t know anything official about the name of this face mold, I found a while ago a „Styling Head“ on which the website http://www.shop.mattel.com had it listed (but ended up) and is currently listed on Walmart and other sites as „Olivia“.

    She is a large version of Fashionista „Pizzaz“ (head only) but with a normal person name, not just „smiley“.

    If you can, check the information! I believe Olivia is better than smiley (and it’s official).

    See ya!

    1. Hi Raphael,
      I remember, there was something about Olivia, sorry if I didn’t response. 🙁
      I found time to check your informations, and yes, the Olivia Styling head got the facemold. So I made an update with your informations.
      Thanx for your information and many regards 🙂

  3. You’re welcome, Dagmar!
    I’m fascinated about face molds and my 1st reference was Katti’s Dolls and now you. I always check fashiondollz to search about news!

    Thank you for answer! 🥰

  4. Raphael’s right! The new 2022 holiday Barbie is listed as „Olivia“ – so it’s official now that Smiley/Pizzazz became Olivia ♥.

  5. Hello dear, there is a new Barbie Cutie Reveal Doll with Purple Hair & Poodle Costume HKR05.
    She has definitely an Olivia face. I have her and could share the photos with you, but unfortunately I do not know, how to do it. Could I send you somehow the photos of her facemold in a good resolution?
    Sincerely Svetlana

    1. Hi Sventlana,
      thanks for your help <3 I think the easiest way is, to use wetransfer or your dropbox and to send us the link via comment - so we can get the picture, but we don't publish your link 🙂

      If that is no option, you could make an upload at postimages.org or other picture hostings and comment the link to the picture 🙂
      thanks and many regards Dagmar

  6. That barbie and horse doll from 2021 is actually a summer 2011 facemold, not neysa! Fun fact, that is one off the most recent barbie that have the belly botton body (my personall fave), the only dolls released after 2017 that have that body are: 2021 budget princess dolls, that doll i was talking about (both brunette and blond) a barbie with bike from 2021(millie face) and a few dolls with bikes/skates alsow from 2021.
    To be honest i want it back mattel, please 🙂

    1. Hello Filipe, yes you are right! Thank you for the info. Olivia face and Summer 2011 looks very similar. 🙂

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