2007 Horse-Riding / Reiterin Barbie J0545

2007 Horse-Riding / Reiterin Barbie J0545

2 thoughts on “2007 Horse-Riding / Reiterin Barbie J0545

  1. Hello,
    Is there any way I can buy this Barbie from you? This was my favourite Barbie when I was little but my mother threw it away accidentally. I have been trying to find this for years but I have not been successful. I found this website today and it gave me hope! I am not sure what this website is and if this Barbie is up for sale, but please let me know if you would be willing to sell it.

    1. Sorry, she is not for selling. Fashiondollz is a Barbie Picture Gallery, we don’t sell Barbies. The picture of this Barbie was part of an ebay offer some Years ago. The Seller german-maskerade3000 is a friend of us and we have the permission to use his pictures 🙂

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