Barbie Head Numbers

Apart from the copyright notice on the edge of the neck, the newer Barbies also have their catalog number on the back of the head and sometimes a production code. The catalog number is usually hidden underneath the hair, but by using a toothpick the hair can be carefully moved away from the scalp just enough to read parts of the number.

Within the Dolls since ca. 1998 the number on the head is matching with the catalog number of the first doll that was released with that particular face.

It looks like the catalog number on the head refers to the face (rather than to a face/head combination) as my multiple Summer, Fashion Fever Barbie and Open-Mouth Millie faced heads each have the same codes even though the shape of the heads may differ.

Sometimes Mattel does a slight revision of the face. In this case, a revision code (‚-1‘) is added to the catalog number. With a slight revision like this, the copyright year on the neck is not changed.

Incomplete List of Head numbers

Copyright Year / Facemold Headnumber
+ l
ink matching doll
Dolls with revised Number
1990 Teresa 25308 – no matches
1990 Asha 17442 – no matches
1991 Barbie Mackie 24740 – no matches
1998 Barbie CEO (Generation Girl) 20548
1998 Lara / Ana 20968
1998 Goddess (Fashion Fever Gillian) H0922 H0922-1 FJF41
2000 Lea / Kayla B5811
2001 Mbili 55287
2011 Mbili / Grace CJV75 CJV75-1
2001 Tango 55314
2001 Adria / Desiree H0923 H0923-1
2003 Carnaval B9234
2010 Carnaval Playline W2899
2003 Summer K8385 Teresa Head 2006!
2005 Barbie opened mouth J1361
2005 Barbie closed mouth JJ382 (?)
2010 Skipper Dreamhouse T7425
2010 Barbie Fashionistas V9502-1
2010 Raquelle W3900
2011 Barbie Millie opened mouth CFF12
2015 Barbie Millie om Collector DGY07
2011 Summer X2276
2014 Kassandra CLN63
2014 Neysa PY249 PY249-1
2014 Kim CLN65
2015 Barbie Curvy DMF24 DMF24-1 DVF70
2015 Fashionistas Pizzaz DMF32-1 FTG82
2015 Barbie Millie closed mouth DVX71
2016 Greek Face DVX77
2016 Alec FJF48
2018 June DYY90
2019 Fashionistas GHW61

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