©1998 CEO Face Generation Girl

E1998 Mattel patented a new facemold for Barbie. It was introduced with the Generation Girl series and was for some years the standard Barbie face in the Playline. Beside that it was also used for some nice Collector dolls. In the later years with the „big head era“ the head became a bit bloated. Mattel calls the sculpt „CEO face“ but it’s better known as Generation Girl (GG) face. Like the superstar facemold in the 70th, Mattel produced countless playline dolls with this face and she can be very difficult to identity. We have more than 500 Picures of Barbies with CEO Face, so we split them up in three gallerys, but it still takes some time to load them all.

Headmark: © Mattel Inc. 1998

DDas Generation Girl Mold, von Mattel später als CEO bezeichnet, wurde ab 1998 Barbies neues Gesicht. Anfänglich wurde es nur in der Playline verwendet, später auch für zahlreiche Collectibles. Es gibt unendlich viele Barbies mit CEO Face. Wir haben die Fotos deshalb auf 3 Alben verteilt…. Diese enthalten aber immer noch viele Fotos, deshalb etwas Geduld beim Laden.


Barbie with CEO Face
Barbie with CEO Face
Barbie with CEO Face
Collector Edition
Vorschau Ceo1 Vorschau Ceo2 Vorschau Ceo3
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Identifizierung anhand der Anzahl der unteren Wimpern
Um euch das Identifizieren, der vielen Barbies mit Ceo Face zu erleichtern, haben wir die Wimpern der unteren Augenlider durchgezählt und die Puppen in entsprechenden Bildergalerien zusammengestellt. Die Idee, dieser Identifizierung stammt von einer russischen Barbieseite, die es nicht mehr gibt, bzw. auf die wir keinen Zugriff mehr haben.

Identification by the number of lower eyelashes
To make it easier for you to identify the many Barbies with CeoFace, we counted the eyelashes on the lower eyelids and compiled the dolls into corresponding picture galleries. The idea of this identification comes from a Russian Barbie site that no longer exists or that we no longer have access to.

No Eyelashes 1 Eyelashes 2 Eyelashes 3 Eyelashes
Wimpern CEO U0 Wimpern CEO U2 Wimpern CEO U3


4 Eyelashes 5 Eyelashes 6 Eyelashes 7 Eyelashes
Wimpern CEO U4 Wimpern CEO U5 Wimpern CEO U6 Wimpern CEO U7


8 Eyelashes 9 Eyelashes 10 Eyelashes 11 Eyelashes
Wimpern CEO U8 Wimpern CEO U9 Wimpern CEO U10



2 thoughts on “©1998 CEO Face Generation Girl

  1. Hi! There’s a doll missing in the 1999-2008 gallery! She’s one of the 2003 Zig zag Barbies but her face is very different from the other dolls in the line. Her hair is auburn red and her dress and accesories hot pink and purple. I have this doll but from what i could find there’s pretty much no official record of her existing. I can confirm her ID because i have her with the original clothes and just last week i found a listing of her new in box on eBay (that’s the only photo of her I’ve seen). Her box says „Zig zag“ and B0861.
    Here’s my photo… (link was deleted after downloading the picture)
    I don’t know if it means something but both me and that seller are Italian.

    1. Thank you Mlp.Renaissance(&Toby),
      I took your picture and put it in the gallery. And thanks for the interessting informations. Maybe she is an special edition in Italy? Great to have her on fashiondollz 🙂
      many regards Dagmar

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