1999-2001 Generation Girl

EThe Generation Girl series started in the begining of the new Millenium. It was a short time series around a group of 8 friends at an international Highschool in New York City. The dolls introduced 5 new facemolds. The most important faces were the Generation Girl Barbie Face (GG / CEO) and the Lara face, they were both used for many dolls in the next years until today. After three different editions the series ended.

Generation Girl Barbie

1. Edition: Generation Girl

Barbie, Ana, Lara, Chelsie, Tori, Nichelle


2. Edition: Generation Girl Danceparty – Toys’rus Exclusive

Barbie, Chelsie, Nichelle, Lara, Tori, Mari, Blaine

3. Edition: Generation Girl My Room – with furniture

Barbie, Nichelle, Lara, Ana, Tori, Mari + Blaine


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The Generation Girl Barbie introduced the new Barbie facemold, that became the new standard face in the playline.


Nichelle Williams
was the only Generation Girl without a new facemold. The used the Asha face from 1990. Nichelle appeared in all three editions. She was born in New York City, she likes Jazz and Pretzel with mostard.

Lara (Marie) Morelli-Strauss
Ana (Marissa) Suarez
Lara (in europe  Marie) and Ana (in europe Marissa) share the same face, of which Lara became the name giver (Lara Face). Lara appears in all three editions, Ana only in the 1. and 3. Lara is french (born in Paris), she likes art and painting. Ana is born in Mexico City, she likes gymnastic and surfing.

Tori (Susie) Burns & Chelsie Peterson
Tori (in europe Susie) and Chelsie were introduced in 1999 with the first edition. They share the same facemold, of which Tori was the name giver (Tori Face). Tori was included in all three editions, Chelsie only in the first and second. Tori is from Australia, born in Syndey and likes skateboarding. Chelsie is british, born in London. She’s a Singer-Songwriter.

was introduced in 2000 as new asian Teenager in the „Generation Girl“ series. Her new facemold was used for two Generation Girl Mari in the 2. and 3. edition.

Blaine Gordon
is born in New York City, he likes Hip Hop. Blaine presented a new male facemold (Blaine Face) with a modern hairstyle in the 2. and 3. Edtion. Sadly the face was only used twice. With the finish of the Generation Girls Blaine dissapeared for a while. While the Generation Girl era he was born in New York City and a big Hip Hop fan.

Initially Blaine was planed to be a Zach, who should become a new friend to Skipper. But Zach was never produced. Instead of Skipper her elder sister Barbie got a new friend.

Blaines role as a heartbreaker started after the Generation Girl era. 2004 Blaine appeared with a new background story and Tango face at the California Girl „Beach“ again.  In the second wave he was introduced as Summers Brother and now an Aussie boy. According to the Scriptbook a tender summer romance developed between Blaine and Barbie.




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